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The History of Star Wars

Star Wars is the biggest and most popular science fiction film franchise of all time. The original series of films was a trilogy also known as episodes. These were then followed by a series of prequels which were released in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Production of Star Wars films started again in the mid-2010s and is currently open-ended.

The Premise of Star Wars

Several different descriptions have been given to the Star Wars movies over the year. It has been defined as a space opera (a soap opera that takes place in space), a traditional action movie that just happens to take place against an intergalactic backdrop and a much more complex exploration of another world, similar in tone to an RPG game.

This wide range of definitions for the franchise means that it can appeal to all sorts of people for all kinds of different reason. Many of Star Wars' fans come from very different walks of life and can bond with very different people over their shared love of the films.

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The Fan Community

The community that has built up around the Star Wars films is the stuff of legend. Many people first become interested in the movies as children and this affection continues as these people progress towards adulthood. Fans meet in huge convention centres, and many of them will spend a significant amount on costumes to make sure that they look the part in front of their fellow fans, as the YouTube video below demonstrates.

Star Wars is a massive part of pop culture, and its influence reaches far beyond a few superfans.